Able to use the boiler as a snowmelt system

My area gets a lot of ice, snow, and cold, then it is horrible dealing with the pounds of snow that occur in my front driveway.

  • I started out attacking all the snow by hand.

I would use a snow shovel everytime it piled up too much. It took hours, was backbreaking, tepid work, and it had little payoff. I then decided to update to a snow blower, and the snow blower was better, but it required service. I had to make sure I had gas, it worked right, and that I knew how to operate it. It was such a nightmare… Half of the time I ended up shoveling. I then did some research and found that those with a boiler system can hook pipes to their component and have a snowmelt system. The pipes go underground and then supply tepid water to melt the snow in the driveway. It was an amazing update I made. I savor that I have no snow on my driveway due to a boiler. I only have to push a button and wait. That is it. I keep it on most of the winter. I savor that my car that sits on the driveway gets heated as a result. It warms it to the point aht there is no ice or snow buildup. It is like walking into a heated car. I have saved so much time with this current boiler addition, but my boiler is able to serve as the apartment furnace simultaneously too. I know a lot of people shy away from boilers due to the upfront costs. I savor that this boiler is so powerful and durable though, but worth every penny.

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