Using a heat pump for my addition

I am putting a single room addition onto my home.

I needed one extra bedroom to serve as an office for myself.

Since I work totally from home, having a separate office space was a must-have for me. I consulted a building company to do the addition and take care of everything. They helped me decide on electrical placement, room size, and placement in my home. The only snag we hit was deciding on HVAC. I have a central HVAC system and adding ductwork onto that system would have put too much strain on it. Your HVAC is sized for the home. When you add onto the home, the HVAC is then too small. A too small HVAC unit runs all the time, does achieve the setting on the thermostat, and costs more money to run. You also don’t feel any more comfortable. The overworked heating and cooling unit then breaks down more often and has a shorter lifespan. So I knew I didn’t want to do that. I needed an ideal heating and cooling system for an addition. That is how I got recommended to a heat pump. Not using any ductwork, a heat pump is a wall mounted unit that offers both heating and cooling. I also can have a wifi operated thermostat to control the temp from my phone and set programs before I even get out of bed. Temperature control for a single space is downright cheap. A heat pump is a great solution for single spaces or renovation projects such as mine.


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